Call for papers FOR EWSECO 2016

We would like to invite European researchers and practitioners in the field of software ecosystem and business networks to come together in Walldorf, Germany, on November 30th2016, to discuss their recent research or topics like

  • "How do you make partner ecosystems like google apps or itunes successful?",
  • "What are the business and engagement models of business networks and how are they managed?",
  • "What metrics exist for ecosystems and business networks to tell if they are healthy?" ,
  • "How do i handle intellectual property in partner ecosystems and business networks?" 
  • "How does the advent of the Cloud change software ecosystems?"
  • "How can we view the Internet of things as a software ecosystem and what properties does it have?"

We will invite practitioners to the workshop to ensure discussion about the practical impact of research and to give the presenters the opportunity to discuss with practitioners and researchers alike.
The unique location Partnerport in Walldorf, Germany, with many software and software service companies having an office on the same premises which eases the participation for practitioners.

Workshop style

Socialize and discuss with researchers and fellow professionals.
We value discussion as well as presentations. So a short, 15 minute presentation is followed by 15 min discussion with fellow researchers and practitioners.
The workshop will be held in English language only.

Poster session

As a new feature of the workshop, we are offering a poster session. If you are interested to present your work in progress to practitioners and fellow researchers, please submit a title and abstract as stated below, mentioning that it should be a poster session.


Propose your presentation titles or poster proposals via email (title and 100 word abstract) to

Submission deadline is October 16th 2016 6pm CET.


Proceedings contain title, abstract and slides of the presentations given at the workshop. See examples of proceedings below.

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