Proceedings to be published soon

With over 40 people at the workshop on software ecosystems, interesting presentations and discussions as well as a panel, this year´s workshop was the longest and largest ever. Serving guests fromThe Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and Germany we had energetic discussions of presentations and nice conversations during breaks.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.

We know there are lots of people out there who are interested and who would have loved to come to the workshop. Rest assured that you will get the content of the workshop in the proceedings. They are being created right now and will be published in Q1 2016 with the ISBN 9783739218328.

The workshop will start this Wednesday

The European workshop on software ecosystems will start Wednesday, November 25, 2015 with check-in at 8.30 am in the PartnerPort in Walldorf, home to 100 IT and software companies.

With a planned record attendance of about 40 people this workshop is the biggest in four years.

Not only do we have a singular selection of relevant researchers at the conference from numerous universities in Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany; we also have practitioners from companies like CMS Hasche Sigle, Corum, hybris, imarum, IMC, Jedox, Mobisys, Netfira, Sage, SAP, Siemens, Synomic and Telekom Innovation Laboratories.

This mix of skills and experiences enables us to have lively and fruitful discussions. Given the agenda of the workshop, there will be many opportunities to discuss, not only on the topic of the presented content, but also informally.

If you are interested, you can still REGISTER for the workshop. We would love to have you as a member of our community.

Please watch the hashtag #EWSECO15 for social updates on this event.

fluid Operations AG continues to sponsor the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems

Fluid Operations AG has signed up to be logo sponsor on the website of the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems 2015. The program committee is happy that fluid Operations AG did continue to sponsor the workshop since 2012.

With the fluid Operations semantic integration platform and innovative apps, fluid Operations simplifies the way you use and deliver information throughout your organization.

The program will be announced soon

The program committee has decided about the presentations that will be part of the workshop. The job was not easy, since we had many interesting submissions.

As promised, EWSECO will be bigger than 2014. As a full day event, EWSECO will have space for eight presentations, two sponsor keynotes and a panel, more coffee breaks and more participants.

So stay tuned for our program page to be published soon. 

German powerhouse Siemens AG sponsors EWSECO

Siemens AG, one of the largest german companies, will sponsor the European Workshop on software ecosystems EWSECO 2015.

Siemens, with its more than 17.000 software developers, wants to increase their presence and success with software ecosystems. Siemens will also send software business and software ecosystem experts to the workshop to join and enrich the discussions with fellow professionals and researchers in the field of software ecosystems and business networks.

VersionEye joins the league of sponsors of the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems 2015

VersionEye, a startup providing value for software developers using open source software is a sponsor of the European Workshop on software ecosystems.

VersionEye gives a deep inside into free/libre/open source software libraries and automatically notifies developers on changes in software components, licenses and security issues.

Companies also use VersionEye Enterprise to enable agile development by keeping developers up-to-date on changes in both open source and own proprietary software components.

Netfira sponsors an industry keynote on business networks at EWSECO

Netfira, a solutions provider for business networks, will present a keynote at the European workshop on software ecosystem.

For the workshop, this is a clear commitment to its second focus besides software ecosystems:  business networks. Business networks, with increasing automation and connectivity between companies, have a massive impact on businesses today. Networks effects in business networks, such as supplier networks, can have a positive effect on revenues and cost of suppliers and customers alike.